Dry deserts and barren wastelands make living conditions quite difficult for both player and plant life. The lack of vegetation and cover makes passing through this terrain a gamble compared to other environments that provide additional foliage cover.


Dense forests containing vivid bushes and detailed undergrowth to hide in make passing through this terrain ideal to stay concealed in the trees and become one with the forest.


AfterLife is a living breathing world and with it comes a full day & night cycle that goes full circle every 120 minutes or roughly 12 "game days" per real day.

open world
Vast open world sandbox style exploration containing multiple
tile sets and over 60 square kilometers of playable world


Explore abandoned farms and fend off what is left of the local farmers now that they've joined the ranks of the unliving


Ranging from small quaint towns to massive city skyscrapers the urban environments available to players are sure to give players lots of different environments to survive and PVP in.


Small rest stop style towns and suburbs can be found throughout the world that make the perfect pit stop to resupply at.


Scavenge abandoned cars and other objects found randomly on the roads throughout the map that paint the story of those before you that weren't fortunate enough to make it out alive.


Try your luck in abandoned military bases, forts and other encampments that contain military grade items for your character.


Over 160 survivor campsights, mobile homes and RVs are just waiting to be looted. These camps help fill the gaps between towns and major points of interest.

Explore a variety of points of interest on the map featuring unique location
based loot systems that reward exploration of different areas


Hundreds of lootable items spawn throughout the world just waiting to be picked up and used by you. We pride ourselves in our new dynamic loot system that brings the excitement of the treasure hunt to life. You never know what you're going to find each time you enter a lootable area.


Take advantage of animal traps and harvestable gardens to supplement your food supplies while you are surviving.


Nobody lives forever and it's likely with enough time spent in the world that a zombie might bite you or a bullet could graze you and you'll find yourself looking for medical supplies. We offer both factory tier medical supplies as well as 'homebrew' medical supplies to be found scattered throughout the world.


As you progress through this Zombie Game, exploring what happened, you will find notes and diaries that NPCs and other players left for you. These will have hints to the whereabouts of supplies and weapons you will need to survive.

Advance your character with unique survival systems
in a systemic driven game world


These are specific areas in the game where player vs player combat is disabled, even on a PVP server. Safezones are a place where players can meet up and trade without worrying about getting backstabbed or griefed.

global inventory

We offer a global inventory that persists across servers where you can stash all your rarest items and other players cannot possibly tamper with them. This is your own personal storage and all you need to do to add or remove items from your Global Inventory is visit this location in any Safe Zone.

Survivor’s Exchange

We offer a dynamic system you may be accustomed to from other MMO's that allows you to take 'vendor trash' items that might not necessarily have the most use in the world and you can sell these items back to the Store for GD.

Relax in a safezone and trade with other players
or sell some of your recent loot finds on the Survivor's Exchange


Over 15 unique character customizations for your facewear, helmet, body and legs. Dress up in purely cosmetic gear that is permanent and persists through death. Cosmetic gear does not offer any stats so feel free to dress up however you see fit to survive a zombie apocalypse!


Try outfitting your gun on the fly. Many skins are sold in the store and you will be able to exchange them with other players


Adjust your weapon to fit your style, select attachments and what type of ammunition your gun will use.

We offer a variety of unique character clothing customizations
as well as weapon skins and a handful of weapon attachments


Play solo or with friends and wage battle against other groups in the ultimate no holds barred group PVP sandbox.


Place barricades for immediate protection from bullets or block line of sight from your attackers. Experiment with different trap locations and catch unsuspecting players offguard as they get discover you've booby trapped the whole area.


Liberate towns from zombies and cause epic items to spawn via Supply Drop upon successful liberation. Beware that other players might be interested in taking your hard earned supply drops so you'll have to show them how your problem solver revolver works :)


Airplane Supply Drops have been seen scattered throughout the world and contain epic supplies and goodies for those lucky enough to find them each 4 hours.

We offer both PVP and PVE servers,
with emphasis on providing an enjoyable experience for both types of player


In depth crafting that focuses on breaking items into their core components like metal, wood, stone etc to either enhance existing items or create entirely new items to aid you in survival.



Place your claim statue and leave your mark on the world. Up to one week and no other player has the right to build on your location. Create an epic base with gardens, item storage and temporary cooking rack. Live entirely out of your own base or let your friends place their sleeping bags in living quarters and create a hotel for your friends to respawn at.